lost in translation

let me explain “dentist-ese” to you.

when the dentist says “your gums will be sore for a few days” that means “you’re going to wonder if I left a pick in there for about a week”.

or so i assume. after 3 1/2 hours in the dentist’s chair I’ve come away with a new crown (crappy well water inbred french canadian genetics), and some cool pictures.

i won’t even get into what “root planing and scaling” is, but you can look it up if you hate me. fortunately i only had to have it done to the tooth getting the crown (cause my teeth are little princesses). but i can NOT believe some people have to have it done to every tooth in their mouth. a big hug to those people. so after the pointy spikes and the tool that went ZZZZSSSSSZZZZZGUHGUGUHGUGZZZZZSSSZZZZ, and the laser (yes! there was a laser!) I probably should have known this was going to be a bad after-the-novocaine-wears-off sort of situation, but the road to hell is paved with local anesthetics. my dentist went and got himself a sort of dentist-video-game which totally rocks. they put some sort of powder on your tooth (After drilling it to smithereens) and then take pictures from different angles. then he puts it together into this 3D model of the tooth on the computer screen:

however, much like when you walk in front of your brother while he’s playing Tekken, if you step on the power cord of the machine, you sever the connection to the tooth-making machine (i’m thinking tiny gnomes in the basement). The poor dental assistant stepped on the cord so they had to make a second one. I got the first, half-finished one as a souvenier:

it was almost worth it.


One Response to “lost in translation”

  1. BRIO-MultiComPartners Says:

    Great story, …think you like the laser technology but not it’s use ;o)

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