sag mir wo die blumen zint?

My mom used to sing me a german version of “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” by Pete Seeger (she was probably more familiar with the Peter Paul and Mary version) when I was little. As it turns out, Susanne found a version of Marlene Dietrich singing it, with a photo montage someone put together on youtube. Her voice is so different from my mom’s it’s weird to hear it. (in english):

and in german (which sounds better to me):

my favorite line (in the german version), for purely aesthetic reasons is “Mädchen pflückten sie geschwind”. or “Maidens plucked them, every one”, but when my mom taught me to sing the song, she was very specific about the pronunciation of “pflückten”, as my accent sucks and you’re really supposed to emphasize the “PF” sound, and I was pronouncing it in a more american way, like the “f” in “fuck” rather than a weird “PPPFFFF”. so we were yelling “pflückten!” so much my dad got mad and yelled “NO MORE GODDAMN PFLUCKTEN!”. which is now a joke in my family. heh.
don’t ask me where this bizarre little story came from, i’ve been sick in bed for almost a week, and i’m probably delirious.


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