links for 2007-04-17

  • Now ask oneself why one has chosen their faith? The most likely reason is because it was the faith inherited by their parents. They have been indoctrinated into the faith at an early age before rational thinking has been established.”

    This comment is very similar to what some authors I’ve been reading have said. Susan Blackmore’s “The Meme Machine” (a meme is a unit of cultural information that can be transferred around, similar to a gene), she talks about religion as a complex of memes (or a memeplex). The information (memes) are passed both horizontally (among people of the same generation) and longitudinally (down to children when they are young). That’s how religion persists, because children are indoctrinated before they are of an age of reason. Richard Dawkins, who wrote “The God Delusion” says the same thing, people are generally what religion they are because of where they were born (ie Eastern or Western culture) and what their parents are. Dawkins beleives the worst thing you can do to a child is indoctrinate it with a religion before it is old enough to make a choice regarding a religion.

    That’s something that always got me in trouble in Catholic school. I asked if I had been born in the Middle East, or Israel, I would probably be Muslim or Jewish, and I had absolutely no choice in that matter, so how could I be (theoretically, according to Christianity) punished for where I grew up? The nuns answer to that was to make me stand in the corner. NOT a particularly persuasive argument.

    (tags: religion atheism philosophy pascal logic)

  • Save internet radio

    (tags: internet music)

  • heh. don’t interfere with plays at Fenway!

  • If the RIAA and CRB have their way none of us will be allowed to listen to anything. ever. NO MUSIC FOR YOU. NOT YOURS.

    (tags: Copyright RIAA music)

  • heh. I live at Divas Square.

    (tags: humor maps MBTA)

  • Mauritania has a wildly different standard of beauty. It’s interesting to read the comments from men are the diametric opposite of what Americans consider beautiful, and yet so similar.


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